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Visiting Alterationist   2020

Deby’s Sewing Service


Deby Ryan

105 Case Road

Winthrop, Maine 04364

Questions for you

     Do you live within 30 minutes of Augusta?

     Are you getting married and need some alterations to your gown to make it perfect for you?  Do you want your mother, future mother-in-law, bridesmaids, flower girl and grandmothers to look fabulous  in their attire?

      Are you going to prom  and need your dress to fit you?  Do your friends also need to be fitted?


My Goal is to assist you in looking great!


     Let's set a date to gather your group of 4-5 friends at your place.  Allow 15-20 minutes per girl and 30-45 for a bride.  Everyone bring their dress, shoes and appropriate undergarments (if needed).

    I will travel to you, bring my pinning kit and knowledge of what needs to be done.  

    For a Bride,  I  typically start 2 months prior to the big day, meeting 3-4 times spaced 2-3 weeks apart.   For the others in the group usually only need to meet twice.

     Prom & Special Occasion wear we typically meet twice.

Give Deby a call to setup an appointment!

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